1998 - signed a deal with Peaceville/music for nations/zomba music.

Changed our name from `Whores of Babylon` to `Soundisciples` to reflect the change in musical style which had become more techno/jungle/industrial/harder metal sounding.

1999 - supported `Pist.On` in London

Released album `Undefined` with all credits Gobz ( Julian ) and Shaun as before in the Whores days with the inclusion of live band member Joe White on half of the guitar work. Also included Beth Gibbons on backing vocals for one song and Gizz Butt from `Janus Stark`/`The Prodigy` as the guitar on one track.

Album received many good reviews throughout Europe. It spawned interviews with `Kerrang`,`Metal Hammer germany` and many others that I did over the phone and can`t remember now.

Toured with `Pitchshifter`.

Toured with `Paradise Lost`.

Gobz ( Julian ) leaves `Soundisciples`.

Geoff Barrow and Gobz refurbish and upgrade `State of Art` recording studio. Gobz also builds a second studio within the complex for pre-production purposes. A manager and chief engineer are appointed to run the complex and it is re-opened to the public.

1999 - 2001 Gobz forms `Noiselab`, members one ( Gobz ! ). Please return to the `302 music junction` homepage and select `Noiselab` to continue the biog for Gobz.

Soundisciples feature on channel 4`s `A tour of Duty` with tour manager Martin Lamb during a tour of the Netherlands. Jan 2001 The track `Isolation` from the album `Undefined is featured on a `terrorizer` CD cover disc.

New material is still in the pipeline during late 2001 and is being recorded at Gobz and Geoff`s `State of Art` recording studio.